Here Fishy Fishy Fishy!!

A little boy told his dad the other day he wanted to go to the  “fishy store”. As this request had been made on several occasions in the past, dad knew where the fishy store was. No, it wasn’t Petsmart, it was Harper’s. We consider it a great honor to be known as the “fishy store” to your kids- we love to give fish food any kid age 1-92 so they can feed our Koi and goldfish in our ponds at either location!  The Harper boys would love nothing more than for those kids to come back as young adults and tell us how their parents used to bring them in to feed the fish- oh by the way that is already happening and it is way cool!

The Next Generation Of Gardener/Fish Feeder

So enjoy the great weather this Sunday and take your kids or yourself out to feed the fish! You never know you might just see a plant you can’t live without either!

Good Fishin’

Everyone knows how much we love to fish