Irrigation Systems

Let Harper’s Nursery landscape professionals install, repair or replace your irrigation system. Our professional team can install or repair sprinkler and drip irrigation systems. When an irrigation system is properly designed and installed, it will actually lower your water usage while giving you better coverage than hoses and temporary above ground sprinklers.

In fact our new MP Rotator sprinkler nozzles provide a higher level of coverage, while reducing your overall water usage. The water-efficient MP Rotator, which has a proven track record of reducing water use by approximately 30 percent, is the perfect solution for an Arizona lawn. Click here to learn more about the MP Rotator and how it can help improve the look of your lawn and reduce water usage.

Upgrade an old system, or avoid the problems of a new system with MP Rotators.

MP Rotator Irrigation SystemsLow pressure. For systems with overloaded zone or stretched spacing, the low-flow rate of MP Rotators will increase the pressure of the lateral line and resolve the low-pressure problem. The only thing the contractor has to do is swap out the nozzles on the existing spray head bodies with MP Rotators–no need to split zones or dig up heads.

Runoff. Avoid runoff that occurs from applying water too quickly. This low application rate sprinkler delivers water at a rate the soil can actually absorb, targeting irrigation hardships like slopes, tight soils and seeded areas. The MP Rotator also fights runoff that occurs from overspray caused by wind with its multi-stream technology. By design, each stream maintains larger water droplets with a specific purpose in the overall pattern. This keeps the water in the desired watering area, less affected by wind drift.

Overspray. The water-efficient sprinkler has maximum adjustability though effective arc and radius adjustment–conforming to odd shaped areas. This eliminates the typical overspray associated with fixed arc spray nozzles.

Harper’s expert landscape professionals are actively engaged in understanding the wide array of ever-changing irrigation products and components. Plus we are always happy to answer our customers’ questions regarding any part of the system.

Harper’s Nurseries installs Ewing water management and irrigation systems however, we service and maintain all brands.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Custom designs to provide the right amount of water distributed evenly to any sized property
  • Sprinkler installation
  • Drip irrigation
  • Complete system inspection and adjustment
  • Automatic timer set-up
  • Emergency repair
  • Installation of moisture sensor devices
  • Design and system expansion
  • Repair and/or replacement of pumps, heads, valves, piping systems, controllers, etc.