Landscaping Portfolio

Thanks for visiting our landscape portfolio. We update this page often, so please check back to take a gander at our most recent projects. And, check out our quick video below to learn more about Harper's Landscaping and Design services.

Could You Live Out Here?

boettger ramada

Another back yard/outdoor living space transformed into the garden of their dreams!! The weather is getting better and you could be spending time in a resort style back yard as well! Call Team Harper Boys Today! 480-946-3481 … [Read more...]

The Garden Of Their Dreams Unfolded!


Dear Friends at Harpers,     We recently moved here from the Midwest, purchased a home and had some ideas about creating our dream AZ backyard. After talking with three other landscapers, we met Mike Hans, and  knew we had struck gold! He sincerely listened to us, asked thoughtful questions, and helped guide our ideas into a vision to create an attractive … [Read more...]

Right Tree, Right Time, Right Size, and Right Place-We Can Help!

oak tree

Here is a link to a great article about trees, tree planting, and many of the factors that should be considered when making that decision. This time of year we lose trees to heat stress and storm damage, so if you're thinking of replacing trees, let us help you make the right decision! … [Read more...]

Is Your Garden In Championship Form?


It's Olympics time! Will you be watching to see who is the fastest, jumps the farthest, or is the best on the uneven bars? The are lots of "champions" performing in the next 2 weeks on the world's stage. Is your garden or landscape in championship form? If not the Harper boys can help you get it in shape. Whether it's completely redesigning a new landscape from scratch to some … [Read more...]

Another Dream Landscape Complete

They're having a wedding! what here? We're not sure if that is how the response went, but we do know that is what prompted a call to us. A back yard wedding this fall and all we have is dirt! Team Harper Boys to the rescue! We installed a lawn area for the ceremony, screened the pool equipment with a nice decorative wall, and added lots of low water use trees and shrubs for … [Read more...]