Landscaping Portfolio

Thanks for visiting our landscape portfolio. We update this page often, so please check back to take a gander at our most recent projects. And, check out our quick video below to learn more about Harper's Landscaping and Design services.

This Is The Before-Watch For The After!

dorris before

A new face-lift about to begin on this north central Phoenix landscape.  Watch with us as we transform this garden to a dream one! Your landscape need curb appeal, or a face-lift? We're ready to help!We've been creating great landscapes with inspiration and knowledge since 1945! good growin'     … [Read more...]

Is Your Landscape Event Ready?

bulliten board

Mother's Day, Proms, Graduations,Memorial Day, Weddings....This time of year the back yard or garden can be a busy place. Is yours up to the task? If not we can help. The Harper Boys have been creating and keeping gardens dreamlike for over 70 years! Call us today for a FREE evaluation. We have the knowledge and inspiration to create and to maintain your dream garden! … [Read more...]

Every Wednesday-You Know The Drill!!


Ladies Seniors and Tortoises? Well Ladies and Seniors for sure get 10%OFF and double loyalty points!! Yes we build tortoise habitats too! They are the perfect pet. Automatic watering system and they mow the grass, they don't bark and half the year they sleep in their custom made den! Good Growin' … [Read more...]