Landscaping Services

Landscaping At HarpersWhether your goal is to create a place to entertain, a place to unwind, or a place that puts your distinct mark on your home, Harper’s Landscape designers and installers will work with you to develop and build a unique outdoor living space that you allow you to enjoy more of our great Arizona weather. Our designs will help to draw you outside during all times of the year. We work to create inviting spaces that keep your cooler in the Summer and warmer in the winter.

Harper’s Landscape & Gardening Centre gives you the opportunity to work closely with designers who are trained to create extraordinary outdoor spaces. Whether it is a new home, updating an existing yard or just improving a small area, we will develop a plan that will that will fit your needs and budget. We create an outdoor lifestyle customized to meet your expectations. We are very knowledgeable of all local Arizona plants and can incorporate mounded contouring with boulder and rock placement. All plantings are chosen with your design and colors in mind.

Landscape ServicesIn addition, Harper’s landscapers can also work with you on your Landscape lighting. Enhance the beauty of your home and landscape by creating a warm, pleasant, and relaxing atmosphere while adding safety and security. Our pathway, entrance and spot lighting systems can handle all your needs from simple economical plans to extensive full-coverage lighting.

Harper’s low-voltage, durable lighting system is fully automatic and can add tremendously to the value of your home plus giving you an added measure of security and safety. Talk to Harper’s Lighting professionals today to discuss how you can enhance your property. Harper’s offers a variety a variety of lighting techniques for all different budget types.

As part of our landscaping services Harper’s offers all of the following services:

  • Rock landscaping
  • Sod installation
  • Tree planting
  • Native plant installation
  • Vegetable garden
  • Gazebo and Pergolas install
  • Irrigation system install
  • Debris removal
  • Hardscape (concrete, border edges)
  • Contouring and mound shaping
  • Demo and removal

We have completed hundreds of landscaping jobs and have years of experience in this area. Harper’s has been family owned and operated in Arizona for over 20 years, giving us a unique understanding of how to landscape is this harsh climate.

Contact us today for our free on-site landscape evaluation and let our knowledgeable staff make your landscape dream a reality!


Need help taking care of your landscaping?  The Harper boys do Landscape Maintenance as well.  We can help you keep your yard or garden looking just the way you want.  Click here to learn more!