Planting Guide

Guide for Planting Container Stock

Note: Water plants 24 hours before planting so the root ball will be moist but not soggy.

  1. Dig hole three times as wide as root ball and equal in depth to the plant’s root ball.
  2. Using about half of the soil from the holes, add Planting Mulch to create a half-and-half mix of soil to mulch. To this mix, also add Gypsum at the rate of 1 cup for a 1-gallon container, 3 cups to a 5-gallon container and 5 cups on 15-gallon or larger containers, plus Bone Meal at the rate of 1 cup to a 1-gallon container, 2 cups to a 5-gallon container, 3 cups to a 15-gallon container, plus Blood Meal at the rate of ½ cup to a 1-gallon container, 1 cup to a 5-gallon container, 2 cups a 15-gallon container. Mix all the above together before backfilling hole.
    1. You may substitute Start-N-Grow for Bone/Blood Meal.
    2. See chart under number 11 for adequate amounts of planting amendments.
  3. Carefully remove the plant from the container. Examine the plant’s roots. If they are bound or curled, use a sharp knife to cut a 1″ deep “X” in the bottom of the root ball and three 1″ deep vertical cuts all the way up the side (each cut 1/3 of the way around the root ball).
  4. Set the plant in the center of the hole so that it is level with or slightly above the ground level.
  5. Fill the hole with your blended mix of native soil, Planting Mulch, Gypsum, Bone Meal and Blood Meal to the top of the root ball. Soak the new soil around the root ball thoroughly. Plunge water hose to the bottom of the hole to soak and settle soil, working out air pockets. Add additional soil mix if the soil settles below the top of the root ball.
  6. Saturate the root ball and the new soil around the root ball with a second slow deep watering with the hose end close to stem of the plant or tree. Do not get in a hurry with this watering.
  7. With some of the extra soil from planting, build a 3″ high soil berm as shown in the drawing to hold water around the new planting.
  8. Water the new planting for a third time using Root Stimulator. Follow instructions on the label and see chart below.
  9. Watering tips: Keep the root ball of your new planting moist (not soggy) for 10 days to two weeks. To be sure you wet the root ball and not just the soil surrounding the root ball, place you hose or emitter directly over the root ball. With a hose, water with a slow drip so water penetrates the root ball and doesn’t run off into the soil surrounding the root ball.
  10. Be especially attentive to THOROUGHLY WETTING THE ROOT BALL (not just the soil surrounding the root ball), during the first six weeks. A general rule of thumb is to water when the top 1″ of the root ball is dry. On new plantings, this may mean watering every 7-10 days during cold weather and 2-4 days in hot weather. There is no hard and fast rule. Different plants in different locations in different yards in different parts of town being watered by different people make each situation unique. Pay attention to your plants and they will “tell” you when they need water. When you do water, water thoroughly. Plants transpire more water on hot, windy days than on cool, wet days.
  11. Proper staking is necessary. Remove stake from plant, use 2 stakes and loop tie, so as to allow the tree or shrub to flex with the wind

Amounts of Planting Amendments necessary to obtain our Lifetime Guarantee:


  • Six (6) 1-gal plants per bag
  • Three (3) 5-gal plants per bag
  • One (1) 15-gal plant per bag
  • One (1) 20″ or 24″ box tree/10-lb bag


  • Twenty (20) 1-gal plants/10-lb bag
  • Six (6) 5-gal plants/10-lb bag
  • Two (2) 15-gal plants/ 10-lb bag
  • One (1) 20″ or 24″ box tree/10-lb bag

Bone Meal

  • Six (6) 1-gal plants/4-lb bag
  • Three (3) 5-gal plants/4-lb bag
  • One (1) 15-gal plant/4-lb bag
  • One (1) 20″ or 24″ box tree/(2) 4-lb bags

Blood Meal

  • Six (6) 1-gal plants/2.5-lb bag
  • Three (3) 5-gal plants/2.5-lb bag
  • One (1) 15-gal plant/2.5-lb bag
  • One (1) 20″ or 24″ box tree/(2) 2.5-lb bags


  • Twenty-five (25) 1-gal plants/4-lb bag
  • Ten (10) 5-gal plants/4-lb bag
  • Five (5) 15-gal plants/4-lb bag
  • One (1) 20″ or 24″ box tree/4-lb bag

Root Stimulator

  • Twenty (20) 1-gal plants/1 quart
  • Twenty (20) 5-gal plants/1 quart
  • Two (2) 15-gal plants/1 quart
  • One (1) 20″ or 24″ box tree/1 quart

Follow appropriate steps and purchase the recommended mulch, and we will guarantee that plant purchase for life. (Must purchase necessary amendments at the same time as the plants. Must show receipt as proof of purchase.)