They’re Baaaack!


As we mentioned lots of things like spring weather as much as we do and another reminder of spring is upon us once again. If you have grape vines on or around your property be aware that the annual arrival of the skeletonizer is here! This picture was taken this am of a vine we have growin here at the nursery. Another sign is to watch for the purple moth (adult) form of this … [Read more...]

Do Something Shady!

oak tree

It's warming up,always does! According to our utility companies one of the best ways to save energy on a/c bills is to shade windows and doors. One of the most effective and efficient methods is planting shade trees and or large shrubs or vines. Arbor Day is fast approaching ( one week from tomorrow) and what a great reminder we have to plant a tree, besides the growing size of … [Read more...]

Lookin’ a Little Seedy?

weed seed

We're at that point in spring when almost everything is in bloom and or leafing out and it sure is beautiful, isn't it. Well as with our desirable ornamentals, the weeds are also starting to bloom and will soon go to seed! Don't let that happen. The best way to not have weeds is to prevent them altogether! By controlling weeds while they are young or at least before they seed … [Read more...]