Bottom’s Up?

blossom end rot spray

Just as you're going out to pick that tomato you've had your eye on for few days just waiting for it to get perfectly ripe,you've go it in your hand and turn it over to find-YIKES!!!  The bottom is all black and ugly, what the heck? This is the time of year we begin seeing blossom end rot on : tomatoes, peppers, and even squash at times." The disease is especially prevalent w … [Read more...]

Big Punkin’ Time

state record 2015 pumpkin

Will there be a new state record? Have you ever seen a pumpkin that was bigger than your first dorm room?  It's about to happen next Saturday May 28th. Bring the kids and a camera! We'll cook some hot dogs and have a good ol' Fair Type  day weighing and awarding the winners of the 2nd annual big pumpkin contest at Harper's! Click below for details!!  AZGPG_Weighoff No … [Read more...]

It’s Just Peachy!

peach thinning

One of our now retired county agriculture extension agents, Lowell True, once said if you're going to thin your fruit trees-have your neighbor do it. Human nature will hardly ever allow us to thin enough fruit off to be meaningful-it hurts to see all that fruit laying on the ground! If you want big nice peaches and a healthy unbroken tree you must remove many of the peaches, … [Read more...]

Garden Class!

collier garden

We're talking style here. Could your garden use a little class, style,or just sprucin' up? We recently built this simple but functional and elegant vegetable garden for a good client. As you can see the tomato plants are healthy and happy and the growing are fits in with the most prestigious of landscapes (it's not your old railroad tie garden any more). Whether you need a new … [Read more...]