A Winning Combo

new seed for fall picstich

Ready for fall? I'm sure we all are, but fall gardening is not far away and at Harper's Landscape and Gardening Centre we're getting ready today! Good soil, and good seeds at the right time will insure success and a great fertilizer program will keep the success rolling all fall-It's time to start preparing for fall gardens and the Harper Boys are ready if you are! … [Read more...]

Fall Is In The Mail!!

fall 15 seeds

Yep that's right, sometimes we judge what season is just ahead by what comes in the mail/ups/fed ex......And look what just arrived! The first shipment of fall seeds for the 2015 season! It's time to start getting your soil/garden prepared to plant and the seeds are now arriving to help you get started as well! August means we can sow … [Read more...]

How Is Your Work Environment?

local business owners meeting under the "big oak" at Harper's in Scottsdale

Customers always comment on what a great place the nursery must be to work in. Perhaps it's because their workplace is so starved of outdoor influence? This article from the Irish Times explains what some companies are beginning to do to help create a more productive and inviting work environment! In recent years, companies have begun looking to incorporate more of the outside … [Read more...]

Curb Appeal Sells!!


Pull out the hedge shears, edger and a trowel to grow the value of your home. A tidy yard with some nice flowers can help a home sell faster and may even add to the selling price. Just as homeowners repair and upgrade the inside of a home to get a better price, working on the landscape can pay big dividends, real estate agents and landscapers say. “If you don’t have great … [Read more...]