It’s Still Summer—Fall is a Comin’


Well sort of any way-the days are getting shorter, and next week when August hits the amount of vegetable seeds you can start planting bout doubles! First things First, however. Be sure to amply amend the soil.  Adding adequate organic material to planting beds along with gypsum and a balanced organic fertilizer before planting is a must. You should also water well a few times … [Read more...]



Yes it's hot and fall seems a lifetime away, the gardening calendar however says otherwise. As we approach August and September the list of fall vegetables gets longer by the day. The arrival of the first garden seed shipment makes it feel a little cooler doesn't it? First things first though! Be certain you're planting beds are well prepared. Add good compost like … [Read more...]

How Hot Is It If You’re A Plant?

dg temerature

Whew, it's a hot one! Wondering what it feels like to be a plant? Here is a very unscientific comparison of what a plant surrounded by decomposed granite feels like vs mulch.  As you can see the temperature is much hotter than we record 6' off the ground and in the shade. This particular day the forecast high was 108. The temperature of the ground covered with granite is … [Read more...]

New Look For An Oldy but Goodie

old town landscape

The Harper Boys team can help you create the garden of your dreams even if you've been living with your dream a long time. Here is a recent completion of a 1960's vintage home in old town Scottsdale that now has a fresh new dreamy look! Yours need one? We can help! … [Read more...]

Cloudy With A Chance?


There is an old hymn that states "oh they tell me of an uncloudy day" when describing heaven. I don't think that writer was from Arizona! This time of year "heaven" is a cloudy day and hopefully some precipitation. Depending on where you live you've gotten a little of that the last couple of nights. The NE Phoenix area (64 & Greenway) area received about 1" of rain last … [Read more...]